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IELTS Exam Preparation

Reasons to Join | Course Prices | Course Dates | How to Register

The BSN Language Centre offers courses for Upper-intermediate level students who want to prepare for the IELTS Academic Exam, which tests all four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

IELTS is the International English Language Testing system, which tests English proficiency across the globe and is the world's most popular test for higher education and global migration. Last year, over 2 million candidates took the IELTS test to start their journeys into education and employment. Educational institutions, employers, professional registration bodies and government immigration agencies often require proof of English language skills as part of their recruitment or admission procedures. IELTS is widely accepted for these purposes.

College and University Entry

Here in The Netherlands, university and college applicants may be asked to provide proof of their English level if the course is to be delivered in English. An IELTS score of 6.5 (on a scale from 0-9) is a typical entry requirement. This equates to strong B2/low C1 on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). The exam is available through the British Council and results are usually available within 14 days from the exam date. You can choose your exam date on their website. Please note that at certain times of the year dates are booked far in advance due to high demand.

Course Prices

The prices are per lesson. The total price depends on the number of lessons that you sign up for. You can choose.

The price per lesson is less if you take more lessons.

Materials cost € 35 per level.

The minimum number of lessons is 4.

These are a few examples:

  • 4 lessons € 180,--
  • 13 lessons € 546,--
  • 24 lessons € 1008,--
  • 38 lessons € 1520,--

Price list

Timetable and Dates

The courses at the BSN Language Centre run between September & June each year.

For most courses, students can join the class at any time. Students can normally begin from 1 week after testing & registration.

Timetable and dates

How to register

In order to place students in the correct class, we offer free level testing before registration.

This is normally every Monday between 12.00 & 18.00 .

You can choose afternoon or early evening.

Make an appointment

Book the Exam

The IELTS exam is very popular. We advise you to book your exam in advance via the British Council website: British Council website.

Reasons to Join

Students looking into language learning options typically choose the BSN Language Centre for the following reasons:

  • Flexible enrolment; start anytime!
    One week from your intake test and interview, you can join any existing course.
  • Flexible learning options
    Small groups
    Private lessons
    Intensive courses in the Summer
  • Location
    BSN Language Centre, Leidschenveen and easily accessible by car and public transportation with free parking.  
  • Native-speaker, highly-qualified teachers
    Who really understand your language learning needs and help you reach your goals.

Our students quickly discover our commitment to excellence. From the very first appointment where we determine the learner’s level and recommend courses to best meet their specific learning goals

Testimonial from Students:

‘I chose the British School because I’m living in Holland now with my husband and I need to learn English for my life here. My husband found this course on the internet. Also, the teacher is British and this is very good for me. I am very much enjoying the course because I’m learning a lot and I speak English with my partners all the day.’


‘I chose the British School because I liked a short course where I could improve my English fast. I’m enjoying the course a lot and I like the teacher as well. I will come back for the following course!’