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NT2 Exam Preparation

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NT2 is a language test that determines your competency in Dutch as a second language. If you wish to work or study in the Netherlands, following the NT2 programme will be of benefit and is often required.

In our NT2 Exam Preparation course, we will take you to the required level of Dutch proficiency and prepare you for the different aspects of the exam. Prior to the course, one of our Dutch teachers will test your current level of Dutch and advise you on the estimated duration to reach your personal or professional goals.

  • The exams cover the 4 skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.
  • The NT2 training prepares students to take the state exam. 

The exam is divided into two programmes:

  • Programme 1 is at the B1 level of the European Framework (CEFR)
  • Programme 2 is at the B2 level of the European Framework (CEFR)

If you have taken the NT2 exam you do not need to take an additional inburgeringsexamen (Dutch integration exam), since the NT2 is of a higher level. The teacher will advise you on how to register for the exam when you have started your course.


Courses start in Autumn and Spring. 

Please visit one of our Registration Mondays to assess your current level of Dutch.

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