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Private English Lessons for Adults

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Does your work schedule not allow you to attend regular classes, do you have specific English learning goals or do you wish to learn at your own pace? If the answer to one of these question is yes, you may consider taking private English lessons.

Our private tuition programme is aimed at meeting your individual language learning needs. We offer a flexible framework which is guided by your schedule and your personal goals. The programme is completely tailor-made to suit your wishes and enables progress in the language skills you need to develop. The lessons can take place at the Language Centre, your home or your place of work.

We also offer private lessons for small groups of 2 or 3 participants. Lessons are offered at a minimum of 10 hours and a duration of 1.5 hours per lesson.


  • The price of private lessons for adults starts at €90 per hour.
  • Contracts with more hours are less expensive per hour. For example: 50 hours in total = €85 per hour, 70 hours = €80 per hour.
  • Books/course materials, where applicable cost: €35 to €45
  • Level assessment and intake: €36 (free on the open registration days)

A small charge may be applicable for travelling expenses, depending on the distance if the tutor comes to your home or your place of work.

How to apply

To apply please complete the application form. This provides information about your needs and wishes, when you would like to start and how many lessons your are thinking of. This is not a commitment at this stage. You will be sent a proposal/contract at a later date if you decide to proceed with the lessons.

You can then come to the Language Centre for a free intake on a Monday between 12.00 and 18.00. You can make an appointment here.

Application form